Cherrae L. Stuart is an accomplished actress but found that the types of roles she wanted to play weren’t always as available as she would have wanted.  She started her journey as a writer with sketches that were performed live, before talking it to the next level with produced films.  

She wrote for the Comedy Series Zoe & Chloe: Private Detectives about three college-age wannabe detectives who try to solve the most mundane of crimes.  

Cherrae is currently head writer for Good Morning Antioch.  An ambitious dual project, produced as an Audio Podcast with a simultaneous live action Web Series.  Good Morning Antioch is a black comedy space opera that follows a derelict mining ship’s Media Liaison as she gives them the morning news, announcements to the crew as they navigate working for the most evil company in the Galaxy.

She also has several horror stories that have been produced for The Reading podcast.  And a film Alex & Me available on Amazon Prime.

Currently Cherrae is shopping her first Novel in her new Supernatural Crime Thriller series.

Check out her writing here

* THIS WEEK                                                                             Cherae is a guest panelist on The Write Track Podcast available on Spottify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher.